Bomber Moulded Mullen Loose Ring

Bomber Moulded Mullen Loose Ring

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Colour: Blue Size: 145mm
The innovative Moulded Mullen mouthpiece from Bombers Bits is made from flexible synthetic material, and is designed to offer soft, even pressure.

The moulded mouthpiece has been uniquely shaped and flattened. It is angled at 45 degrees to offer exceptionally soft and evenly distributed pressure over and around the horse's tongue, and minimal bar pressure.

It is especially useful for horses that dislike metal bits, and those with sensitive mouths or previous bar damage. It has a rubbery texture that can sustain a limited amount of chewing.

The internal flexible stainless steel cable core has been injection moulded with a bespoke non-toxic, UV resistant, FDA approved flexible synthetic material.

It was developed to ensure three key attributes: texture, durability and comfort.

The loose rings keep the bit mobile in the horse's mouth, encouraging gentle mouthing and discouraging 'fixing', blocking and leaning against the contact.

They also allow for immediate relief from tongue and bar pressure when rein aids are relaxed, thus rewarding the horse quickly for a correct response.

As with all Bombers steel components, the cable core and cheek piece will be covered by their lifetime guarantee.

The Bombers Lifetime Guarantee does not extend to materials that can be chewed, such as the mouthpiece.