Stirrup leathers come in 3 main lengths 42″, 48″ & 54″ they are also available in two different widths 1″ or 34″.

As a guide

42″ are suitable for children

48″ for teens and small adults

54″ Adults

To estimate the approximate length of stirrup leathers you require measure the length of your arm from armpit to the tips of your fingers and double that figure. Add on a few inches to ensure that you are able to put any excess leather into the leather keeper on the saddle flap.

Colours of Stirrup Leathers

As well as being available in different sizes stirrup leathers are also available in different colours and are made of different materials.

Most riders will choose the colour of the stirrup leathers to match with the colour of the saddle i.e black saddle, black stirrup leathers.