NuuMed Wool Mesh Insoles

Nuumed Wool Mesh Insoles

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Perfect for helping to keep your feet warm and comfy in the winter months !
NuuMed started making numnahs over 20 years ago for a very logical reason. Ian Pocock, who created Griffin NuuMed, had ridden since the age of five and when he reached the age of 30 (ish!) he realised that although people talked a lot about saddle fit, there was no attention paid to the impact and the quality of the numnah or saddlepad you put under this very expensive purchase (your saddle!) So he made one, and then another ... and in his lifetime designed nearly 40 different versions - and we still make virtually all of them! Ian's drive and passion to make the best saddlepad possible for your horse is recognised throughout the equestrian industry - and many people since have tried to emulate his understanding of the horse and copy his ideas, but at NuuMed we still firmly believe that the standards he set in design, quality of making, choice of materials and innovation are still the best. We are still based in the same factory in Somerset. We have made some changes, but only to improve further the standard of service we offer to all of our customers whether that is in flexibility, accountability, product quality, marketing support ... all of which are ongoing processes.