Baileys No.4 Top Line Cubes

Baileys No.4 Top Line Cubes

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Top Line Conditioning Cubes deserve their reputation as the most popular and effective fully balanced conditioning feed on the market. Barley-free and based on micronised wheat, the cubes are non-heating and highly digestable and are renowned for restoring lost condition without blowing horses' minds. Their excellent quality protein helps promote superb muscle tone and real top line, whilst soya oil helps coat condition and is an additional source of slow release energy. Their effectivness means that weight gain can be promoted without having to resort to excessive volumes of hard feed, helping to avoid the associated digestive risks. Top Line Conditioning Cubes are incredably versatile and can be fed to all types of horse and ponies at rest, in work or competing up to the highest levels. Indeed they are now well established as a favourite amongst competition riders who appreciate the excellent muscle tone and improved stamina they promote. Their digestability also makes them an excellent choice for the older equine, especially those with poor dentition since they can be easily softned with warm water or soaked sugar beet pulp.